The term “metabolically healthy obese” refers to people with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30, but without the typical obesity-related health issues such as insulin resistance, lipid disorders, or hypertension. Between 10 and 25 percent of the obese population can be considered metabolically healthy. But are these folks actually healthy? Researchers found that…


If you start sneezing or coughing at the first signs of spring, you may have seasonal allergies. Depending on where you live, spring allergies can begin as early as February and last until the start of summer. Here’s what you can do to combat these allergies and make it through the season. Spot the signs….


We’ve all seen the headlines: “Drinking wine improves your health!” But don’t reach for that bottle of merlot, yet. While moderate drinking may slightly reduce the risk for heart disease, alcohol has the potential to cause a lot more problems than it prevents. That doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol has no place in your life, but…