A 64-slice CT including full PACS was installed in January 2008, replacing the 2-slice CT purchased in 2000. The CT is capable of detailed 3-D images, including cardiac studies. The fluoroscope was also replaced just months prior. In January 2008, the 1st phase of a new technology system was installed. During the year, technology was installed throughout the hospital: a voice-recognition transcription system in radiology, a clinical section for capturing nursing notes immediately into the patient’s chart, a pharmaceutical section reducing medication errors, and a billing section for timely and accurate billing. Patient care and safety have been enhanced as patients who arrive at SGMH will be assured that:
The administered medications and tests are the correct ones.
Lab results will be immediately and electronically entered into the correct chart.

Physicians will have remote access to patients’ charts from anywhere outside, enabling them to view test results, read nurses’ notes and see consultants’ reports.