The foundation is a California nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation organized for the charitable purpose of promoting and supporting the hospital and district. The foundation’s primary activities consist of raising funds through donations, grants and fundraising activities for the sole benefit of the hospital and district. The foundation’s unrestricted funds are distributed to the district and/or the hospital in amounts and in periods determined by the foundation’s board of trustees, which may also designate the use of these unrestricted funds for specific land, building or equipment acquisitions, or for other specific purposes. The foundation has over 1,200 donors and an advisory board of up to 20 trustees. Since the founding of The Foundation in 1982, SGMHF has donated over $10 million to the hospital to improve healthcare in the community.

The SGMHF has done this by developing financial support from our communities, foundations, and various fundraising activities. The Foundation is committed to serving the needs of our growing at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, improving health and healthcare in our community.

For More Information: Visit the Foundation Website